The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Ernest Hemingway (via psych-quotes)

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Coming to America (1988)

Directed by John Landis

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the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
air. meditation, nayyirah waheed  (via alaea)

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Making a few modifications to these posters.

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I tried to get this up fast but I had the hardest time picking which photos, they are all amazing—source for more. This rainforest elopement is made up of all the right stuff. 

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Eric Clapton & George HarrisonScreenshot from ‘George Harrison: Living in the material world’


Eric Clapton & George Harrison

Screenshot from ‘George Harrison: Living in the material world’

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Maybe the chemicals in your brain are off balanceMaybe that’s why you have depressionMaybe that’s why you don’t feel happyMaybe that’s why you should take your anti-depressants


Maybe the chemicals in your brain are off balance
Maybe that’s why you have depression
Maybe that’s why you don’t feel happy
Maybe that’s why you should take your anti-depressants

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based on extensive observation, I believe that my cats have only a tenuous grasp on how much of my body is “me”

It’s like, Head: definitely Big Friend, note eyes and noise-hole.

Hands: 90% certainty of Big Friend, 10% possibility of toy. comprised of two main parts, the rubby-rubby and the wriggly-scritchers. does Big Friend control them with her mind? the mechanism is unclear.

Arms, aka “Cuddle Snakes”: do these help Big Friend’s hands from getting lost? good place to sit.

Torso: ??? we have no idea what this is. smells like Big Friend but serves no observable purpose. treat as terrain.

Legs, see: “The Lap Conundrum”: 25% chance of Big Friend, totally uninteresting. WHEN LAP: 90% chance of Big Friend, excellently warm. where does the lap go? our finest cat scientists seek the answer to this mystery, but no breakthroughs as of yet.

Feet, aka “Twitchy-Kickers”: 10% chance of Big Friend, 90% chance of foe. all attempts to communicate have ended in hostility. Destroy on sight.


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You and I
haven’t been us
for a while. m.v., Bruised Confession #5 (via hopelesslyhealing)

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